Make your computer infinitely faster ⚡

Run your everyday applications with the power of supercomputers in the cloud

Run heavy applications on your laptop

No lagging anymore

Fastr is a simple, easy to use platform that allows you to run any application in a supercomputer in the cloud. Made for everyday users.

Cloud computing easy setup

No setup needed

Create an account, select the application you want to launch, and you're good to go.

We automatically allocate processing power according to your needs. Just as simple as that!

Pay as you go, or pick the unlimited plan.

Run heavy applications from any device

Run heavy applications from any device

You can log into you Fastr account from any device. You can install the launcher in your computer, or access via browser.

Make your old PC fast

Your slow PC is now faster than a flagship

Using Fastr, you can turn even a 2000s computer into a super powerful machine.

More benefits


More storage space

You can uninstall software from your device and save some GBs. We also give you free storage for the files used by your apps.


More battery life

The heavy processing is done by our servers, and not by your device. This way, it uses way less battery.


No overheating

As your computer won't have to do the hard work anymore, it will keep cool, without the fan noise and extending durability.

Simple pricing

Pay $0.5 per hour or $30 per month for unlimited access.